Your Frankfort Remodeling Contractor is now on Directory World

Halo Construction Services is used to getting attention for their remodeling work. Lately, we’ve been getting a lot more attention online due to our latest website redesign. Our past clients have been raving about how great their home remodeling projects look and our latest prospects seem to agree – they can’t wait to see their completed projects on our site.

Aside from the numerous happy homeowners that we’ve worked with the Search Engines and Directories seem to think Halo Construction is worthy of listing on their properties as well. The latest directory service, Directory World, is a large website directory that lists websites from around the world and many different business types. We just received word that Directory World has included us into their amazing directory.

While this might not seem “news worthy” to some, we just love to see other businesses recognize our professional remodeling and General Contractor work. Halo Construction Services works hard to maintain a level of quality and craftsmanship that both our clients and ourselves can be proud of. We think it’s great to be recognized as amazing remodeling contractors.

Quality remodeling is what we do.

Halo Construction Services LLC believes in doing the job the right the first time. We don’t cut corners and only use high-quality materials to complete your home remodeling projects. It’s our reputation on the line and it’s your home. Doing the job right with quality products the first time is the only way we work.

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